I will utter it, as if it is not me, as if someone is uttering it to someone else, as if the speaker is and was non-existent, a non- participant just saying what another one would like to say, without will to speak himself, wanting to be heard, to use  his own words anyway , without opening his mouth though, without even a grimace, wanting to be heard of course, but the subject not being himself but someone else, someone talking in the place of the self of the other and not as the mouthpiece of the other talking through him, to utter in first person words of another, who wanted to speak but did not want to be revealed that he is the speaker and is heard, but the other the true speaker whose voice is heard but speaks in place of mine, because it is me who really wants him to say that, that is me to say, let me say says, so that I am not  the speaker, but he who makes the other talk, speak directly, in an indirect way of course, but he will say that flat, not like an intermediate, but as a direct speaker, saying that I, that is the person, who from the very beginning wanted to talk, delegating this 'will' to someone having no idea what the other wanted, me in this case, to say, but he will speak in first person, saying 'I' and not 'he', because it has to be clear that the speaker is saying that and not the other, that is me, who is totally unwilling to utter anything.